Wednesday, June 27, 2012


1st day home - Saturday
Showed off in Therapy so I took a nap first thing
Got up when boys got home, missed them so much!
Sat at dining room table for supper
Sat on couch to watch TV
Off to bed early...exhausted

1st full day home - Sunday
Slept in 'til 9 so woke xtra stiff
Needed help to b'room
Dressed myself
Put own braces on
Plyd 5 hands of UNO
Up at table for lunch
Nurse came by (waste 'o time)
Sat on exercise ball 90 mins.
Stood 100 secs.
Up at table for supper
Walked 56 ft. X 2 + 12 ft.
Rode Nustep 15 min.
In-laws brought wlcm home ice cream cake
Bed a little after 9

2nd full day - Monday
Up early, dressed self
Put own braces on
Watched boys play games
Up to table for lunch
Painted nails
PT came for eval
walked 34 ft., demoed transfers
Took range of motion measurements
Pain got out of control, took 1st dilaudid since home
Napped 'till 7 or 8
Up to table for warmed up supper
Nustep 15 min. = 1056 steps
Bed @ 10 - must have better day tomorrow

Up earlier, dressed self
Put braces on
Did stretches, band exercises
Worked with putty
Up and brushed teeth b4 OT visit
More paperwork
More transfer demonstrations
Tiny bit of sitting/trunk control exercise
Up for lunch
2 hands of UNO
'supervised' boys getting showered
2:30-5 nap
Shower, rest, boys night out
Upon their return home, 1 more potty trip
Nighttime meds and sleep @ 11 ish

Up early [DRY], dressed self
Put braces on
Played on FB, relaxed awaiting PT
Journaled progress at home
Folded clothes
Laid back down
Got up for lunch @ 1 to discover its not Thurs.
1 hand of UNO w/boys
Nustep 15 min. = 1200 steps
Took braces off
2:30-5 rest
Put braces back on
Attempted standing, 30 sec. maybe
Up to dining room for supper
15 hands of UNO w/Asa
Walked 10 ft.
Exercise ball for 90 min.

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