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Long time, no talk. How's LIBERATION been treatin' ya? I just wanted to run something by you wonderful, wonderful people.

First, I need to tell you I tried to GO LOCAL. I thought it would save time and money and possibly cause there to be another place in the states that would be willing to do the procedure. Long story short - my doc didn't really believe in things and claimed not to find anything out of the ordinary. Strike one.

Strike two was my doc in New York being shut down pending that infamous IRB approval. Since then I connected with you guys, but have been very apprehensive of a strike three. I've nearly called you a billion times, but the only reason I haven't is my having mailed back and forth with my NY doc who has warned me against newbie docs.

Having performed several before his shut down, he is afraid several docs will be unsure of exactly what they are looking for and miss something. And even worse, there may be docs out just to disprove this theory. He believes everyone with real, true MS has CCSVI. During his shut down he has even traveled to Italy and spent time with Dr. Zamboni. Dedicated, right?!

The most recent development in my road to LIBERATION has been the good doctor's refusal of IRB approval. Is that a strike three? I'm unsure. He has mentioned he'd go anywhere he'd be allowed to treat his patients. COULD THAT ANYWHERE BE SAN DIEGO?

You've done soooo very much already. And for that, I and many others are greatful, BUT if you'd be willing to reach out to Dr. Scalafani and somehow or another recruit him to TEAM HUBBARD. That just might be a match made in Heaven. Next stop, WORLD DOMINATION!

Please let me know what you think. Either way, I love you guys. And keep up the good work! - Angela Spindler begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting

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