Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And . . .

Guess who I just noticed was on my News Feed? Ann Komis, that's who! For the out-of-towners Ann is a news anchor at our local NBC affiliate. Had she finally accepted my friend request? Why did I just notice her today? Today when a fire had been lit and was refusing to go out? Whatever. Enuff with the intro.

I decide to write her whilst I had my 'write-on.' And here's a little bit of how it went:

I titled it STORY IDEA.

Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimers, Parkinsons may have found new hope. An Italy doc's wife got MS and he re-discovered an old vascular link. Thanks to the internet the idea is spreading like wildfire this time. I say this time because it can't be snuffed out by $$$ hungry drug companies. We are patients looking out for patients this time and not big societies looking out for a bottom line.

I AM SOOO MUCH BETTER. It'd be such a great story. Remember me? I took Broadcasting from you years ago at USI. And sadly I've had MS now for 10 years. But now I am getting better instead of worse. Google CCSVI for details. Before and after videos are all over youtube. And I'd be more than eager to show off some of my new skills on camera. Please, please, please consider this!!!

Sincerely, Angela Orth Spindler (USI class of '98)

And then of course I left all my numbers, blood type, first born child's information, etc. I'm comin' for ya Billboard!

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