Friday, May 14, 2010

Educated Eggdicator (Revised edition) by Bigmamma

If this early morning’s goings-on is any indication of how the rest of my day will play out . . . be afraid! Be very afraid! I slept better than I had expected, but it was only after the 6:00 wake-up call that things began to go sour. Have I mentioned I’m not a morning person?

First things first – gotta let out the Gooch! Poor pup is in for a long day. Then breakfast. No! None for me thanks! I went to bed as full as a tick. Two of our nearest, dearest friends made the trek in to the Vern last night and we dined at Perico’s. Sort of a birthday and send off deal. I got an "Eye of the Tiger" card and some super sexy knee-high Converse socks. SUPER SEXY should be in caps, 'cause I love me some knee-high socks! I had a blast.

First dinner, which I loved. They even know what I want w/out asking. Perico’s is just that good! Yummmmm . . . then off to Penguin Pete’s for shaved ice. I love cherry shaved ice. Once home I got a card from Jason that reads, "A long time ago . . ." (open to star wars music) ". . . you were born!" Harsh, huh? Once home we celebrated via trampoline shenanigans. And then I stuffed in a huge piece of my chocolate birthday pie. Damn, it was good. I barely made it up the stairs. Surely I wouldn’t be hungry tomorrow.

Sidenote: That pie rocks Amelia! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You were worried about the crust being too dark but it is absolutely perfect, quite possibly, the best crust ever. Light and flaky. Mmmm. The same time she brought in the pie she came bearing gifts. Happy Birthday Eve to me. I got the pie, an all-time favorite movie of ours, “Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun,” and a gorgeous homemade card from her crew. And from grandma and grandpa a beautiful card and some cold hard $$$.

And from mom. Well, she needs a paragraph all her own. I got beans and cornbread!!! Yeah, me! (And look out everybody else. Ha!) And a huge bag full of goodies. I got a matching cotton capris outfit, 4 or five tops, and a sexy turquoise tank dress. And an adorable pink purse with matching pocketbook. I’ve got that with me today! And a lighthouse magnetic dishwasher cover and a set of lighthouse glasses. A tear-jerker card – and she says there’s more coming?! Geesh!

Then the morning of my big birthday, my sweetie was the first to wish me Happy Birthday! Then my boys, then my sis, and then I got the call I look most forward to every year – my grandpa! He has a voice that could melt ya! He sang to me and I LOVED IT! Then mom, grandma, mom-in-law, Angel, Aunt Ann and countless well-wishers via Facebook. And Uncle Scott even stopped by just in time to rescue Abel from the tree out front. THANK YOU EVERYBODY!!! I had a great day!

Now where was I? Oh, yes! Hungry! So I shower and dress so we have time to capture some BEFORE video just in case I should luck in to some Liberation today. First camera, fail. Second camera, couldn’t find the charger. What about the Blackberry? Fine. Upstairs and down. Guess what? He hadn’t been recording. And guess what else? I wasn’t going back up them steps! Period. I’d barely made it the first time and as I’ve said before, I try not to go back up ‘til bedtime.

Then the boys each have come aparts, as I’ve come to call ‘em, (Amelia has the copyright on this terminology). Brilliant, ain't it? To have a come apart is to throw a royal fit or tantrum. Then Jason has one too. We're all on edge. Poor Aunt Ann, I hate to leave you with 'em like this.

What? We're already in the parking lot? Jason must have driven like speed racer. I spent the entire ride blogging. Nothin' to do now but to give it to God. And off we go!

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