Sunday, May 2, 2010

Inspiration - Bought and Paid For

Pop Quiz: What song did Jason and Angela dance their first dance together as husband and wife?
For the know-it-alls yelling out 'Tear in my Beer' by Hank Williams Jr. for the bonus point, YOU ARE WRONG! That was the song I had 'em play for my dad's special dance with me. I may have actually even surprised him with it. Several in attendance were even perplexed by my father/daughter song choice, but I never was one to follow the beaten path. Nope! Nothin' sappy, slow or cliche for us. That song - fit us so well. To this day I cannot hear it without crying.

But alas, there I go again blathering on about my dad. I tend to do that quite a bit don't I? Perhaps I should dedicate another blog just to him. But then this one would not be the same, 'cause without him, I wouldn't be the same. Yeh. So there. Think about it.

Where were we? Yeh, this is a timed quiz. Tick tock tick tock! So what was me and Jason's song? Again, with yelling out your answers already! I can't hear you from here. Ahhhhh, good guess, but, "No!" It wasn't anything by Journey! Our wedding pre-dates Jason's sometimes unsettling fascination with all things Steve Perry. Should I offer multiple choice?

Anybody know? Jason? What about you, baby? Surely you don't need multiple choice . . .

A. "Honestly" by Stryper
B. "You're My Inspiration" by Chicago
C. "Groovy Kinda Love" by Phil Collins
D. "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred

It was "You're My Inspiration" by Chicago. Jason never really cared one way or the other about it, but the words really where beautiful to me. And more and more throughout the years they've continued to ring true. I love him sooooo much. So I'd left you late last week claiming to be UNINSPIRED. And I was. But, Jason was not going to let that be . . .

The pressuring to leave the house began about 4:00 Friday afternoon. "Wanna see a movie?" he messaged me. No dice! We stayed home, and thus, I had won the first round. One point gloom and doom - zero Jason. Then he played dirty recruiting two more to his team. At one point Saturday morning all three of my guys were snuggling with me in bed - all of them wanting to go to Best Buy?!

Huh!? I was intrigued as to why Best Buy? But even more astonishing was their ability to work so well together toward a common goal. That goal, as of yet, I'm not sure two of the three opposing team members were even aware. Somewhat begrudgingly, I gave in. In appreciation of the stellar teamwork and just out of plain 'ol curiosity, I had to give round two to Team Jason. Plus, tied at 1 - 1, I knew I could kick butt in the tie breaker. I don't lose well. Ever notice that?

Quite possibly that is why Jason let me have the first win. Hmmmm, he's a smart one! He was prolly thinkin' he'd let me go to sleep with a victory -- all the better to get her rested up for the real fight. Whatever his scheming or planning, he had done it well. We hit Subway for breakfast and were off to the East side. I was feeling better than usual, yes, but not like liberated or anything, so ----> straight to the wheelchairs and away we go . . .

"But, I ain't your mama," I explained to my dear husband. We had come all this way for a mother's day present. He countered declaring the boys were here and I was no doubt their mama, as they continued to make a spectacle of themselves throughout the store. Wrestling move after wrestling move we made our way thru Best Buy. Once surrounded by laptops, notebooks, etc. - Jason was like a kid in a candy store.

I could tell he had a few picked out already but he wanted me to do the actual picking. He continued to widdle down the choices as I basically said, "Well, I like pink," or "that one's pretty!" And then we found one not even available 'til Sunday's ad, and guess what? That's the one we had to have. A Robert Orth shopping maneuver if I'd ever saw one. And now I am proud to report a Jason Spindler shopping phenomenon too.

If you're gonna go, go big. If you're gonna buy somethin', buy Cadillac. So I got a super cool hp netbook for my early birthday / mother's day gift. Cool, right? It's small and light and reddish rust colored. I got a cover and matching mouse and Windows 7 and -- its just cool. And mine! Dell had once been Jason's, but this little guy . . . MINE! So now I need to name him.

Dell had his name right there beneath his screen like a name tag, but as for hp, he has only his initials. My dear friend Ryan has suggested Hewlett Packard, however I had a gym teacher named Mrs. Hewlett and I just can't see our getting along with each other too well. Well, for that reason and the shear unoriginality of it. Geesh, Ryan, I expected better from you. Thus far I have considered Pooh, Perry or Pryor as last names, but an appropriate first still eludes me. Won't you help me?

So off to the game section, it becomes clear to me the boys' role in this ambush. Three Wii games as payment and we are spent. Ha! Physically and financially. As we leave the parking lot my honey, again near tears, proclaims, he hopes this'll help get me inspired. Fine! Round three. Score. He wins! I'm inspired, already! So I guess we both win!

Now that we've got that out of our system, let's get back to saving for Poland. 2011 will be here before we know it. But for now, seeing me struggle with Dell's hefty 17" screen he thought I needed something more manageable. Something that could travel more lightly with me. Say, up the stairs or round the bend - wherever! He's so thoughtful. This bad boy's even got Publisher. And butterflies! Pretty! Yeah, me!

More tomorrow! I promise. I gotta tell you about my nostalgic flashback on our ride home. And about Sunday's sermons. And have you seen Denise jump yet? Oh my!

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