Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the wonderful Moms, Mommas, Mas, Mothers, Mommies, Grandmothers, Grandmamas, Grandmas, Grannies, Grams, Grammies, Aunts, Sisters, and yes, even Sissies out there. I hope yours has been as grand a day as mine. May God continue to bless you as I'm sure he already has if you've ever been called any of the above names.

Mom, I love you soooo very much. I strive each day to be as good a mom as you. Anyone reading that knows the stunningly beautiful Mrs. Vickie Orth understands I have enormous shoes to fill. Sure it may be overdone and cliche but she truly has been and still today remains "The Wind Beneath My Wings." Wanna sing along with me now? My momma sure can! OXOXOX

And to my Grandma (who often times was mistaken for my Mom), I love you too. Mom truly learned from the best. I want to thank you for all you do. I love and appreciate you so much. And Amelia, well, I guess you are my favorite sister. I love you very much and think you are a wonderful Mommy. Keep up the good work and know even if I'm jealous of you at times I will ALWAYS have your back!

To all my aunts - Aunt June, Aunt Agnes, Aunt Ruth, Aunt Becky, and Aunt Angie, I love you guys too. Each of you in some way or another has played a role in the mother I've become. I mean each of my cousins have turned out stellar and I can't take all the credit for that. I'm sure their moms had a little something to do with it.

And to Janice who is of absolutely no relation, yet refers to herself as Aunt, I love you too, but growing up I always thought of you as Mom #2 or my other Mother. The six of us were inseperable. If your boys haven't told you today how much they love and appreciate you, I'm sure they do, but they're just silly boys.

And speakin' of silly boys . . . I couldn't have been blessed with my two yeah-whos without my wonderful husband Jason. And for this, and countless other things, I owe my Mother-In-Law, Mary. Sure we don't see eye to eye on everything, or get along 100% of the time, but what two people ever do? And so what if she nearly fell off the couch when she'd discovered Jason had proposed to me? We've come a long way baby, and I love you!

And to all of Mary's sisters who are now my Aunts as well, I love you all and thank you for everything you do. Both sides of Jason's family have been so welcoming and kind. The in-laws, outlaws, and cousins - I have so many in my mind. I've been blessed to be a part of your families and hopefully you've been blessed to be a part of mine. And speaking of blessings, I love and appreciate you too, Aunt Ann. I consider you another other Mother. And right about now I need all the mothers I can get.

I hope everyone has had a good day. I have. Jason was the first of my men to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. Then Abe, then Asa. We stayed home from church this morning fearing I might catch a bug before my procedure. Then I got a little alone time with Gooch as the men were off to buy me "the best that CVS had to offer," is I believe how Jason put it.

Jason may just be the best card picker outer in the world. Now as for my gift, well, its something I'd needed, but beauty upkeep hasn't exactly been too important to me lately. I'll say no more and leave it as that as I sit here typing on my real gift. hp rocks. Did I tell you about the life like butterfly that floats around on here? Huh? Well,I guess I just did. I love you baby! You rock harder than hp!

Then we took two of our Moms out for lunch at Perico's. Yummy! Jason paid for everybody as their gift. I should have thanked you, baby, but I'm just so used to you payin' for me. Don't know what I'd do if you didn't! Anyways, I got a card with a small gift inside from Mary and Kenny for my birthday. As if all the hard work house cleaning they'd done for me the day before had not been enough. Sweet, right? Well hold on to your socks, it just gets sappier!

I didn't ewww and ahhh over it at the time, BUT the small gift enclosed made me want to cry. Admittedly I'm a sucker for gifts of the home made persuasion. Mary had made me a pink bunny key chain. The note with it said, "May this bunny hop you right on to success!" O.K., so for those of you just joining us, WOW!

A rabbit's foot is supposed to be lucky, right? So I get a whole bunny. And I love pink. This bunny - pink! And "hop" me to success? Not sure but made me think of Denise's hopping video that I watch everyday now. Good one guys! Real good! Thank you both. I'm now bringing the bunny along with the lucky coin Kenny gave me yesterday. All that's missin' is my Dad's prayer cloth and I'll be rarin' to go.

As for all my loved ones still out there frantically shopping for that perfect birthday gift . . . good luck suckers! You've got a meaningful pink bunny to contend with. The gift bag that followed (also from the in-laws) had an adorable pair of capris and two gorgeous tank tops, but even they sufferedin comparison to the bunny!

The rest of the day I've snuggled with Gooch and hp. And relaxed. Thanks again, Mom-In-Law for watchin' the boys. This afternoon has been a nice relaxing break. My feet propped up, cold Pepsi nearby and a clean house to keep me cool. Snore on Gooch! What more could a girl ask for? Wellllll, besides LIBERATION?

I love you all and hope you've had a beautiful Sunday. However, if you haven't wished all the Mommas in your life a Happy Mother's Day . . . DO IT!

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