Saturday, May 8, 2010


Anyone for an update? Anyone? Anyone? Heeeelllllllllloooooo. Anyone out there? I had expected people to at least be wondering by now, so here it goes:

The anticipation. The Physician's Assistant. The Doc. The conversation. (Yes, Virginia, some doctors sit and actually converse with their patients. And witnessing and participating in this rare encounter was worth the hefty first time fee.) The juicy, creme-filled center. The conclusion. We are headed north!

Huh? Headed north to go to Disney World? That doesn't make any sense. Or does it? We may be stopping at Holiday World first - but, I have faith I'm on the right road to see Mickey. Ahhh, yes, maybe I should explain . . .

An old boyfriend of mine (who would later become my husband) questioned my navigation skills ONCE many, many years ago. I can confidently say he's never done so since as we are still happily married!

Anyways, having showed horses countless times in Kentucky and having received an 'A' in Geography I just knew traveling to Louisville from Indiana we'd have to go South. A long, crazy, romantic story - made short to spare you of the details - suffice it to say, his northeast theory won out. And we got in some major trouble [FUN], but I digress . . .

"So what happened was just this ~ the house began to twitch ~ the wind, to pitch ~ and suddenly the hinges started to unhitch, just then a witch ~ to satisfy an itch ~ came flying on her broomstick, thumbing for a hitch, and ooooohh, what happened then was rich . . ." No? I thought for a second I was on my way to Oz.

So one of two things has had to have happened. I only break out in song when I'm happy or delirious. And at this very moment I suppose I'm a little of both. Please allow me to begin that chorus again. What happened was just this . . . my head is still spinning and I'm not so sure of what had truly happened. Trying to update the masses and I'm not exactly sure how.

We'd gone in eager but expecting the usual brush off. I wasn't even sure when or if I was going to bring up CCSVI. Then the Physician's Assistant came in. Immediately we're put at ease as he informs me, "I see you are interested in testing for CCSVI." Yep. He was uber nice getting my MS diagnosis date and symptoms written down. Next, he gave me a brief neurological "can you touch your nose" exam. Of course, as per normal, I FAILED.

Then upon his exit he reassures us we are in the right place as the doc isn't just a neurosurgeon he's a neuro radiologist. Hmmmm. Maybe we were in the right place. Silence ensues. And then tears. Jason threatens, "Don't you do it! If you do it, I may do it." And rightly so there was no golden ticket in hand - yet! The following minutes felt like hours. The hope I'd struggled to mask was becoming impossible to fight. Deep breathing. In. Out.

Enter the doctor. Introductions. And he doesn't really believe in this theory, BUT he's willing to give things a look. WHOA, NELLY! That's waaaaay further than I thought I'd get. He even discussed with us how to best look for these potential stenoses. The conclusion reached wasn't exactly what we'd been fishing for, but I still think it's a keeper. We've come full circle my friends. The conclusion brings us back around to the 'traveling' analogy.

After meeting with the doc's procedure scheduler, the blood hungry inhabitants one floor down, and a pre-admissions nurse for lengthy questioning Jason and I left my 10:00 appointment with just minutes to spare before 1:00. What a day! Once in the truck I look to my loving husband for his wise words. Bewildered he responds, "You realize you can't get hot water from a cold water line?" Hmmmm, indeed.

So what if the doc doesn't want to go in thru my veins? Well, Jason informed me you can't fix a vein if you are in an artery. Makes sense. But the doc knows what we are hoping to find and although he is confident he won't find it I must trust he knows where the jugulars and azygous are located. Even I am now well schooled in their locations. Thank you internet!

Thus, we can still make it to Disney from here even if we go north to Holiday World first. This doc has done his research, as have I. This doc expects to find nothing, BUT he's intrigued enough to look. And for that I am happy. Ecstatic even. So why not show it? Remember my singing?

Enter delirium. I am delirious from the utter exhaustion brought on by yesterday and the trying days of anticipation and hope suppression that came before it. Alas, I'm comin' for ya Mickey. So what if I go north first? I may even stop by Kings Island, Six Flags, Pigeon Forge or the beach on the way. But, I will get there. And you'd better be open, 'cause I WILL get in. Ain't that right, Mr. Griswold?

So I'm not cancelling my place in any of the long overseas lines I'm in, but I'm a little more optimistic today than I was the day before. We may have acquired a new co-pilot in our drive to LIBERATION. We've added God and a doc to our entourage. Join us, won't you? Buckle up, here we go!


  1. I've got my bb gun ready to back you up.

  2. I'll shake my cane at them if they hold you back!

    Don't forget the azygous is a tricky venogram, need multi angle tweaking according to Dr. Sclafani.

  3. I'm a couple days behind in my reading...AWESOME news!!!