Monday, May 3, 2010


OK. I'm addicted to watching Denise jump. I love watching this video. Her other video is great too, but the jumping one . . . WOW! Watch it again, won't you? I know I will. It's not just the jump that gets me. She talks with such excitement. She gets up with ease. She leans over the desk with ease. She walks with speed and purpose. And then comes the jumping. Multiple jumps. She bobbles just once and it is ever so slight. What does Denise do then? She follows her tiny misstep with laughter, and -- more jumping!

What should one expect just days after Liberation? What should one expect not having jumped in years? This is soooo inspirational. I haven't left my feet in years, besides leaving them to fall! This is miraculous. How can this be denied? Again I watch. And again. And again. Look into her eyes. That's a look of relief! And such happiness! Praise God! She is fired up for the cause. Having received this gift she is angered that others aren't able to join her in celebration. A simple procedure that makes that much difference shouldn't be so awful hard to come by. Why aren't people lining up to give it and get it? They do the very same procedure umpteen times a day in little 'ol E-ville.

But it's unheard of on MS patients! Huh? Does that mean they won't treat me for a heart attack should I have one of them bad boys? Anyways, they don't do this everyday procedure on MS patients because MS has never before been considered a vascular disease. Whether it is or it isn't - many MS symptoms are going away once blocked veins are cleared or unkinked. That, my friends is a fact.

And it should be all over the media by now. It is indeed a tragic situation. The few that can afford to (a group I'm blessed to be in, so far anyways, as prices continue to rise) are on year long waiting lists to foreign countries. I've most recently added Sofia, Bulgaria to my ever growing potential travel itenerary. I'm fixing to be well-traveled and WELL! Then there are those who do not even know of this breakthrough. I was in this sad group not too long ago. And possibly the saddest group are those who know all there is to know about CCSVI, but are unable to or cannot afford to travel.

So we're guessing big pharma plays a big role in the blatant lack of media coverage. Hmmm. Think about it. $1200 - $1500 + per month for meds. Add the massive amounts of donations to the MS Societies for research towards a cure. Hmmmm, again! We truly are commodities. Fix us. End MS, and there'd be soooo much $$$ lost. It might even mean a few neurologists visiting the unemployment line. And why shouldn't they? I haven't been able to work since 2000.

If nothing else good (besides Denise's video, of course) comes out of this I have enjoyed getting to know countless others suffering with the same MonSter I've wrestled for over 10 years. Right now a group of us are talking about what we are hoping to be able to do post Liberation. Suprisingly a good number of us want to clean our houses. Crazy, right?! I know, you're prolly thinking, "Is this Angela's blog?" Wanna know what else? I wanna organize closets, knock out a wall, tile a floor, gut a bathroom, wall paper, paint, clean out the garage, plant some azaleas and hostas and measure and paint a proper free throw line.

Huh? A free throw line? Yeh, I used to play a little basketball and I WANNA PLAY AGAIN! And not just a friendly game of H_O_R_S_E if you catch my drift. The boys must learn to block out properly. And volleyball. I love volleyball. Bump, set, spike! I used to be a blocker. I wanna do that again. Even sand volleyball. I used to play in that too. You wouldn't know it now as I am barely able to walk in it. What else?

Soccer, football, rollerskating, even rollerderby. The sky is the limit. I wanna ride horses again. And surely all this running around, I'll prolly lose some weight. Then I'll need to go to the mall to go shopping. What else? I'm open to ideas. My memory is not what it should be so I'm sure I'm leaving something out. Post Liberation however, a game of Memory anyone? I'll kick your butts. Each and every one of you. And then I'll whoop ya at Jenga. Kerplunk? Look out Guitar Hero! Here I come.

Thank you, Denise! Keep the videos coming. You are so inspiring. And readers - If you haven't yet - WATCH HER! Her joy is catching. And I've got it now. Don't you want it too? How am I supposed to get to sleep with Van Halen's David Lee Roth screaming "JUMP! . . . Owwwww, might as well - JUMP!" ??? My poor back is sore just thinkin' about it.


  1. Yes! cleaning my house! I've watched that dam video 20 times yesterday! Probably setting myself up for disappointment but it is so amazing!

  2. Even if I can't jump. Even if my neverending list of wants goes untouched. I at least want a shot at it. I at least want to stop it before it gets worse. Ahhh, who am I kidding? I want it all! I'm watchin' her again!