Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dinner and a movie? No. Dinner and an MRI.

Women have been said to re-pay their dates for dinner & a movie in a number of ways. For example, a kiss, first base, or, well, you get the idea. How in the world was I to re-pay Jason for taking me to dinner & an MRI?

You can lower your raised eyebrows now, this is scheduled to be a positive, mostly G-rated, tale. Where did we leave off? Monday, monday. No call from the neuro. Can you believe that? Had a delicious burger and enjoyed watching TV with my men the rest of the night. Then off to bed, Annie still singing in my head.

Alarm goes off at 6. Jason and Asa go thru the morning routine minus my assistance/refereeing, thankfully, since I didn't sleep well fretting over how today would play out. Abe followed suite opting to sleep in himself until just after 9.

But alas I'd had enough of trying to sleep and went instead for my trusty lap top. We've become awfully tight this past week. I've got bruises to prove it. Raised eyebrows again, heh? I bruise easily. And Dell, did I tell you I call him Dell? Dell gets mighty heavy weighted down with all the research he's been doing.

Research commences, Abe gets up and Grandma brings my purse by. Remember? I left my purse at church Sunday. THANK YOU GRANDMA! Next up, we printed off some research, got Abe to school, and Jason cleaned out the truck while I showered and dressed. Oh, how I long for the day showering and dressing won't tire me out!

Whilst showering it overcame me that I was going to have to take off the ring my Dad gave me before he died. Tears fell, you betcha. This would be the first time I'd taken it off. My wedding set I switch out from time to time with a bigger set Jason got me for our 5 Year anniversary. My others, I switch out with others depending on mood or outfit, or whatever. But my birthstone Dad got me, NEVER! I painted the bathroom in my old house a nasty Pepto Bismol pink and didn't take it off. As a matter of fact it still has Pepto clinging to the setting. Anyways, this was hard on me. An unforseen obstacle, that is until I envisioned Dad laughing and shaking his head at me in disbelief. Fine, Dad, I'll take it off.

Crisis deverted. Stupid really. I'm a bit hormonal and on edge, k? Fine. Let's sing. Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho, it's off to tests we go. Imagine going for a test and praying for a blockage. I felt almost wrong praying that prayer as so many had probably prayed for clear tests. Hmmmm? I then decided to break it down. I'd pray for our safe arrival. We got it. Then to not have to wait long. We got right in. And for everyone to be nice. They were. Even the contrast went well as I only got stuck 3 times. For me just 3 sticks is a miracle in itself.

So one of my favorite movies of all times comes to mind. Cannonball Run. Another hilarious movie that could have only been better had Richard Pryor been a Cannonballer. The part where Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. have the dialog about God being their co-pilot. They were racing in a red two-seater Ferrari and were confused as to where God would sit?!

Anyways, I knew there'd be no problem, God fitting in that tiny MRI with me. He was there. I felt Him all around me. He was at work for me already. So instead of merely asking Him for more I layed there thanking Him for all He'd done. And finally, may His will be done. May the right results make it to the right hands and the right fix, or even no fix, if that is His will, be set in motion. Again, thank you, Jesus for all you do in my life and for all you do in the lives of so many others following this journey. Amen.

So we are half way thru and I ask the technician how many patients she's had come in asking about CCSVI. She replies, "CC, what?" Well I ain't talkin' 'bout C&C Music Factory. I attempt to explain and before returning to darkness I tell her to Google it. So as the tests are finishing I realize maybe it's His will that I spread the word. The news of this Italian Vascular surgeon healing his wife's MS hasn't gotten to much of anyone outside of those MSers eager for a cure and those who love them.

So why preach to the choir right? Maybe my tests will only confirm I have MS. Darn! I'd hoped they wouldn't, Duh?! Maybe my tests were to get me there to let the cat out of the bag, if you will. Let the word be heard by the un-believers and even, dis-believers. Get the picture? I do. Thank you, Jesus, I feel better having enlightened two others. Two others that approached by their next MS patient might just be more knowledgeable on the subject and spread the word even further.

Now a Molly Ringwald classic comes to mind. In The Breakfast Club, Judd Nelson's character declares, "He'll get up. She'll get up. We'll all get up. It'll be anarchy!" Surely we won't need to lead a revolt but I'm willing should I have to. Are you with me? Richard would be I tell ya. And yeh, in case you're wondering Richard Pryor could have made The Breakfast Club a better movie too.

We were even told to have a good evening on our way out. What hospital/doctor's/testing establishment wishes you well and means it? This whole experience went phenomenally. I am soooooo greatful. Thanks to everyone involved. All family and friends involved. All nurses, techs, receptionists, greeters. Even some guy in the parking lot smiled at us as we were going in.

Hey wait a tick - it's time for 'Lost' . . . priorities! I know. More later.


  1. ...and you leave us hanging in suspense!!! When do expect to hear results? Praying for the right answers...

  2. Thanks for your prayers, darlin' but as far as being left hanging . . . well, I imagine that's just how I'll be left. When Jason finally called the neuro's office to confirm exactly what tests I was having and when, etc. They told him he'd have to hang on 'cause her file had already been put back. Well, huh! Sorry to have bothered you but my wife suffers cog/fog with her MS and these are so important she just wanted to be sure she had everything in order. From there the day went well and as for results I'm planning on calling the place where the tests were done late Thursday or early Friday. I'll post more as it comes at me. -A