Friday, March 26, 2010

What to name Pt. 7? Trash Day (aka Pt. 7)

Thursdays are trash days on Hawthorne Drive. And in reviewing parts 5 and 6 to see where in my saga I'd left off - trash came to mind. And not the good kind, like back in the day sporting red high heeled shoes, daisy dukes and a strapless tank, I won that Trashy Woman contest fair and square I tell ya! Those were the days.

Back to reality, after no call back from doc and none of my family even being able to read my blog - I felt like garbage. Jason did come home from work with news he had actually been contacted by the lady interviewed for the WSJ article. She told him she and many others had gotten all over the writer siting mistakes and questioning his negative spin.

She advised there would be plenty of bumps and even attempted blocks but to forge ahead because it was a road well worth staying on. Jason remained optimistic, but my inner dialog, apparently a screamer, shouted, "Whoopidy, dooo!"

As he left with the boys for kung-fu I settled in on the couch with Gooch to catch up on some episodes of House. I love Dr. House! I vowed to put my lap top down for awhile. One episode, a couple of prayers and a few tears later I went upstairs to bed.

Grey's Anatomy, Project Runway, still no wind in my sails. Then Jason returns home with a chocolate bunny for me. So sweet. Him and the bunny. He also reports his parents have read the blog and watched some videos and are excited for us. Others are following too, he says.

His cousin Jeff has told him he'd be willing to hold fundraisers through his school. Community Martial Arts: Kickin' MS Ass, I think would be a good tagline. And then my mom calls to tell me her and Amelia finally read it. Then Jason comes to bed (lap top in tow as always) and compels me to check my mail before turning in.

16 messages. "Yeah, me," celebrates London Tipton {clapping}. Please forgive the Disney Channel reference. Anyways, thank you all for caring! Sleep came to me last night amid renewed hope and friendships.

Now Friday morning, the boys are over at Granny & Papa's, and I should be fast asleep. But alas here I am wide awake in bed at the lap top. I've turned in to Jason. No, wait, I'm not getting paid for this. Hmmmm, anyone? Anyone? Buehller? Anyone?

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