Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Dropping my little men off at their grandparents' last weekend began an onslaught of what-ifs and, get this people, HOPE! It all began with my father-in-law asking me if I'd heard about a doc curing his wife's MS. WTF, I'd thought, and although I had appreciated his concern for me - I dismissed it!

Off I went on another shopping expedition with my wonderful, loving, devoted, fabulous husband who now always drops me off at the door and pushes me in a wheelchair. Surely exhausted upon our departure he will then go get the truck to pick me up at the door. During most adventures, as I've come to call them never sure how they'll wind up, I opt to remain in the truck.

But, I'm getting off subject - that happens in MS. During shopping, as some old lady in a motorized scooter scowled at me for being in a wheelchair, I decided I'd at the very least get on the internet to see what in the world Kenny had been talking about. Once home, with Jason's continued nudging, I looked around a bit - admittedly still skeptical.

Reading, reading, reading. It's hard for MSers to read anything. Words swim. Comprehension, well, what is comprehension? On to the videos . . . WOW! Of all MS problems to show miraculously fixed CTV showed a guy dragging his right leg. Ever seen me walk? Ah, huh! After treatment this dude can mall walk. Tears came now, hard and fast!

More interviews included patients unable to remember what it was like to have MS. A doubting Thomas myself I find forgetting this crap hard to believe as it has taken so much of who I used to be away.

People, I used to play basketball, volleyball, run track, lift weights, show horses and participate in 4-H. I was on academic teams, honor roll, and an editor of my high school and even college newspapers. I was in choir and plays. I attended every school dance and 5 different proms all with Bobby Brown's dance ethic. My dad used to say, "Girl, you got the world by the balls!"

Again, I digress. Back to the timeline already . . . I grew a bit optimistic but still wasn't 'there' until we made a late night trip to Aunt Ann's. She was having a rough night and needed her J. For those who don't know I will tell you that she has just been through one of the toughest years of her life. I am so proud of how she has made it through and continues fighting forward each day. My instant admiration for her has grown through this into an even stronger love and respect.

Anyways, talking to this wisest of women it became clear as she said, "Life is too short." Months before she too had mentioned a new treatment she'd heard of. Again, I dismissed her words fearing my MS worsening with any treatment change.

Get this, sports fans - we spent the ride home making plans for all we wanted to do post cure. Jason even suggested I could get a job. HUH? A side note: Yeh, I used to work! At one time I even made more mulah than Jason. I received my college degree (just short of two degrees) in 4yrs. time working the entire time. I remained working full-time after graduation until my official diagnosis in 2000. So there!

(To Be Continued) with ham, beans and revelation . . .

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  1. I am all for you girl. Matter of fact, I spoke with Jason about helping raise money for the treatment threw some fund raisers at the school. I hope either we can sell, candy, demos, tournaments, whatever we can to help raise awareness and the mulah to cover the treatments.