Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend at Bernie's : A recap Pt. 9

"No, I ain't dead yet!" scoffed Richard Pryor, once the funniest man alive, now the funniest man dead, from his wheelchair. He came out about having MS not too long before he died. He'd have joked about whitey having come out with a cure only after he'd bit it. Back to the title though, I could write a book on Mr. Pryor. I love that man! Where was I?

O.K. so I'm not dead but my weekend mirrors much of that movie's story. Hilarious movie really, 'Weekend at Bernie's.' The only thing that could have made it any funnier would have been to have Richard Pryor in it. Again, with the going off track. So much to say and only these crummy bumbling fingers to type with. Grrrrr.

The last weekend of Spring Break before the dreaded return to the grind for the boys. I wanted it to be at least a little special since break itself hadn't been all that. It having rained most of the week and their mom having suffered from lap top seperation anxiety - even camping didn't last so time on the Wii and simply getting to be away from school had been the highlights.

Friday night at Baby Girl's birthday began the farewell to Spring Break festivities (or lack thereof). Abel got to spend time with the love of his life, Jaycee, and Asa, well there was cake so it wasn't all that bad. I felt like I was going thru the motions, even glad to see friends I hadn't in so long, but still seemed somewhat detached.

Fine, detached was what I needed. Detached from CCSVI though, not the world outside of it. I rested well Friday night - just plain exhausted really. Then Saturday morning Jason left to help Aunt Ann and I found myself again at my lap top. But armed with a bit of extra energy I revisted giving it to God and needing to chill out only to search petfinder for dogs. I called up my sister hoping she'd be able to go dog hunting today. Yeah! She could - we'd leave by 1.

Walking up to the Evansville Animal Control was hard. Bernie never walked afterall. He was drug or made his way around via golf cart. It was not only hard physically, it was hard emotionally as I had to watch myself struggle, the entrance to the building covered in a reflective mirrored type of glass. Frustration and tears almost set in. How awkward I had looked.

My sister walked just ahead of me. I could tell she was going slower than usual in an attempt to allow me to keep up. Actually seeing myself, next to someone, almost my same size, age, etc., WOW! I wasn't jealous, if that's what you're thinking. I was horrified. My gait was much worse than I'd imagined. Somebody get that hussy a wheelchair, already. I hadn't even brought Dad's cane along. Not to worry, sis can carry me.

So we made it thru the shelter. I leaned on walls and held on to cages. She may have even found the one! And I so enjoyed spending time with her. Just us girls. Not a kiddo in sight. Besides almost falling into her car from the curb, I'd made it! We returned a little after 3 and I returned to my couch and my lap top. That building didn't have to have a mirrored entry. Amelia didn't have to walk slow for me. It was God at work - opening my eyes to how bad I really need this procedure.

Jason left for the derby shortly after my return. I so wanted to go but knew I wasn't up for all the walking and stairs that would be involved. (Sidenote: Post cure I'm starting up a roller derby team, so dust yer skates off ladies!) Then I settled in with my boys to watch a movie and play the Wii. I must've been drifting in and out of sleepytown between 4 and 7 because 7 and a wicked case of hunger crept up fast. Thank you Granny and Papa for bringing us supper!

Once our bellies were full we commenced to wrestling on the Wii. 10 o'clock? What? Where did the day go. Up to bed we went and just getting settled in, Jason made it back from the derby. Now I could sleep. ZZZZZZzzzzzzz.

Off to combined service and the Easter play. It was wonderful as always! Both boys told me they want to be in it next time. Awesome. Who'd have thunk it? Abel, bless his heart, thought they were actually nailing 'that guy playing Jesus' hands to the cross. With it raining as we left Jason suggested a m-o-v-i-e. Well, sure that sounded good, and pssst, if he's paying attention, Asa can s-p-e-l-l.

We stopped at home to let the puppy (and others, especially those with bladder problems), pee. P-e-e for those still spelling. And where's my purse? I'd left it at church. I'll call about it in a little while. Did I ever call? No! I forgot that too. Arriving with time to spare we perused Menard's. Yes, I was dropped at the door, and each of my 3 men took turns pushing me.

Then we watched 'How to Train Your Dragon' in 3-D at the I-MAX. Big time right? I sure thought so. Pretty decent movie too. Still not good enough to cap off their break we returned home to pizza from Dean's and watched Wrestlemania pay*per*view LIVE. Yeah! Well, the guys did. About 8, I headed to bed. The basement to the main floor. Then 8:30 or so after resting up with Gooch I made it up the next flight to the bedroom.

I called my mom to say goodnight. She told me Grandma had found my purse. Shew. Good thing. I'd forgotten I'd lost it. Another reason I need this procedure. I'm getting so forgetful. Scatter-brained, even. I hope its not too noticeable - not like my walk. So it's a school night - that I do remember, but I'm not sure when the guys turned in. I was out before I'd even pulled up my covers. ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz.

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