Saturday, March 27, 2010

T G I Frick, the office closes early Fridays! Pt. 8

After posting Part 7, I pushed the lap top aside to lay down and proofread. Ever the editor, I just can't help myself. Sleep had different plans for me however. And sleep I did until near 11 when the phone ringing woke me. It was the neuro's office! Not even out of bed and my Friday was looking fabulous.

"Welllll," the receptionist said into her speaker phone, "the doctor has told me to go ahead and schedule you for an MRI and MRV."

"Great!" I replied as I jumped out of bed. I jumped for joy and, well, cause I had to pee bad, but mostly for joy! Then she went on about doubting that insurance would cover any of this. Fine, no problem, I assured her to continue scheduling, I had to know if that miraculous cure was for me. "Thanks so much, and goodbye," I said greatful.

Potty bound mere seconds later the phone rings again. The caller ID indicates it's the neuro's office again. Maybe she'd accidentally redialed me or something. Nope. Apparently she wasn't through with me. "St. Mary's or Deaconess?," she demanded. I replied it didn't matter 'cause in the back of my mind I wondered, if insurance ain't payin', what did it matter.

She continued that most Welborn HMO only allows for Deaconess now. Fine, I'd thought, but kept silent. She asked again if I was sure I wanted to do this and upon my response of yes, she finished saying she'd call St. Mary's.

Somewhat distraught now, although finally on the potty, I wondered why she'd chosen St. Mary's? Was she trying to be sure the insurance wouldn't pay? Was she trying to run me off my road to recovery?

FIRST, INSURANCE SHOULD COVER MRIs IN MS PATIENTS! It's been years since I've had one and I used to have them every 6 mos. to a year or sooner when experiencing an exacerbation. But whatever! And according to research and MRV is only 10 minutes and some extra dye tacked on to the MRI. And my MRIs usually come with and without contrast so I'd already have an IV in. It's not rocket science people! Well, maybe it is a little.

SECOND, INSURANCE SHOULD COVER FIXING VEIN AND/OR ARTERY BLOCKAGES! My momma suffers from PAD of which she was tested for by test ran that insurance paid for. My dad had several insurance paid tests and subsequent procedures including angioplasties and open heart bypasses.

THIRD, AND FINALLY I CONCLUDE I'D BE MUCH CHEAPER JUST TO FIX NOW! My meds alone are astronomical per month and I'm only on 2 for MS. Consider as I age and the disease progresses I'll need more. Plus assistive devices beyond the cane my Dad picked up at a yard sale. And great grandparents of mine have reached their nineties. I'm only 33, I'm gonna cost ya if you won't fix me now!

OK? OK. So Jason says chill out. Fine. He brings me lunch from DQ. Yummy. I then spend the afternoon with Gooch on the couch watching 'The Neverending Story' hoping mine does end - happily and not so long from now that effects can't be reversed! 4:00 and still no word back from the neuro with test info. Jason innocently asks, (declares), "Don't they close early on Friday?" Uggggh!

Fueled with anger, I get enough energy up for a shower. Thanks anger! I need fueling. Yes, people, hygiene takes alot out of me. Water gets me too hot and I'm a gonner. Used to be showers made me feel good. Rejuvenated even. Now they wear me out. And today I needed to wash my hair and shave my once beautiful long legs. It was gonna be quite an undertaking. I truly need a side blog for tangents of my own.

My legs used to be my pride and joy. Muscular. Man! My dad would say, "Damn! look at the muscles in them legs!" I put on weight when I started lifting in sports and was astounded to reach 140. But muscle weighs more than fat, dad would giggle, proud I believe, of the athlete I'd become. And my Grandpa would say I reminded him of Grandma who he's lovingly called 'Slim' for years.

So symptoms have worsened, a major one being the slow death of my right leg, and shaving especially my bum leg is a chore. As I struggle to lift it, years now I've felt nothing but disgust for it. Why leg? Why must you betray me so? But today tears welled up. By accepting decline maybe I have been betraying my once gorgeous, muscular limb. Shave, shave, shave, we may be back in business soon.

Dryed off and exhausted, but clean at least, off we went to get the boys and head to Point for Baby Girl's birthday. Happy Birthday, Miss Thang! Make a wish. I have!

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