Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Has she lost her ever lovin' mind? Well nearly. MS does that to a person. Anyways I vowed to my husband and myself last night that I would leave Dell alone and focus on housework. Boy, does it need it. I'm unable to keep things up as nice as I'd like them but I do strive to maintain some symbolence of order.

My men, Dell excluded of course, do need clean laundry from time to time. And to make that happen the dirty ones must be collected, blah, blah, blah, etc. etc. All work you guys may gripe about, but I really do struggle with. I'm actually looking forward to diving into a pile of laundry higher than my head (not by accident as it sometimes happens) and coming thru the other side with a smile and baskets full of neatly folded, organized clothes and towels.

You know what? One day I might even carry that very same laundry up the stairs and put it all away. Standing to hang what needs hanging and stooping to put in drawers what needs put in its proper, neatly kept drawer. And not like Mary Poppins does it either. I want to be able to do it myself. Without a thousand breaks inbetween, without sitting at all really, and especially without having to half way thru the task - ask for help.

So aside from laundry (the boys are still dressing themselves with clothes from somewhere), I've been slacking in other areas as well. Dishes are failing to make it back to the kitchen. Trash is failing to make it, well, to the trash. i.e. the table closest to me is littered with an empty lunchables box, various candy wrappers, scattered worksheets from school, a couple of war torn wrestling action figures and a half-eaten Webkinz animal.

Jason used to roll his eyes at me when I'd call my scurrying about picking up about a million different things - DAMAGE CONTROL. But truly right now, it has become clear the little stuff I still do really does make a difference. A week off of any so-called damage control has really, wow, I can't even put it in to words. Angela, with nothing to say? I know, right?!

A tornado maybe? No, it wouldn't have left this much debris. Burglar maybe? No, surely he'd have taken something. Let's just say if one were applying to clean it, one would need a hazmat suit, a shovel (one of the large scoop variety) and alot of time. Any takers? Only kidding. Well, maybe . . .

So alas, Dell cried out to me and I longed for his embrace. No. Wait. More like he longed for my embrace. No. You aren't buying it are you? It's not Dell that I'm craving. It's CCSVI info. It's gotten baaaad, people. I liken it to cocaine, crack or heroin, maybe. Or Posey County's fave - meth! I just gotta have it. The info, not the meth! Even though its said to aid in weight loss and increase energy levels. What kind of info, Angela?

Success stories and others' blogs are best. Forums, one of which the good doctor, Fini, I call him, actually writes on himself answering patients questions. People are Vlogging on it now and not just blogging. Don't panic, I'll spare you the video until post cure maybe. There's even jokes about buying home remedy kits and people singing songs about it. My fave is stuck in my head now, thankfully because Annie was getting tired of singing. It goes "CCSVI, CCSVI, people tell me I'm wrong, but I know it's a lie . . . I got CCSVI."

I go thru "just the facts, ma'am" over and over again because stuff that came in today might be different than what I'd read about it yesterday. I anxiously await what will be out there tomorrow. I crave to know all there is to know about CCSVI. And I must be on top of things and get on as many waiting lists as possible.

Go ahead, call it a-d-d-i-c-t-i-o-n. Hello, my name is Angela, and I do have a problem, but its not addiction. My problem is nobody's fixing my problem. Those gracious docs that are doing this procedure on patients are rumored to be booked up already in to 2011. I must be diligent in keeping myself up on all the latest going-ons, in getting on as many studies lists as will have me, and in spreading the word.

Sure more demand will make for longer lists and longer waits, but I just can't imagine someone with MS not knowing about this. I didn't until a week ago. God at work I tell ya. Just happened to get news of this allowing for two or so days of research before my regularly scheduled neuro visit. Remember? The one I didn't cancel only because my prescriptions were needing re-written. Co-winky-dinks, indeed. Praise Jesus!

So to answer the question several followers have had . . . I don't have a clue when I'll hear back about results, if at all. I do plan to call the place that did the tests by Friday to see about getting a copy of them, if possible. I mean its my brain and veins, so surely it shouldn't be too big a hassle. We'll see.

P.S. I just got confirmation I was added to another list in New York. Way closer than, Bulgaria, right?! What up Tina? You ready for a roomie?

So please keep following. Keep praying (for me and my house)! And don't forget to shout from the rooftops, "There's a cure!"


  1. Angela
    Don't know if you are aware of it, but there is a MS walk in Eville later this month. I seen the info at work last night, and plan on looking into it more. I plan on signing myself and the girls up to take a little walk...

  2. Oh my! No. I had no idea. You need to wear shirts that say C C S V I !!! Oh my! I wanna go, but how silly?! MSers can't walk, c'mon. What an oxymoron. Dang, I wanna go. Posters, banners, shirts, mega phone. Spread the word!