Thursday, April 1, 2010

Do I look like Dr. Zucchini to you?

As Jason was handing me my pills to take last night and prepping my shot I asked him if he thought my taking a blood thinner would help. I had put a lot of thought and even some research behind this inquiry. Some heart docs attempt thinner before invasive procedures such as angioplasties.

I had expected a loving response of: maybe, we should take that to the doc. Or even a: where'd you come up with that? But what I got in return far surpassed all my expectations. Not even pausing in his fast methodical prep of my shot, he replied, "Do I look like Dr. Zucchini to you?" Silence. Upon completing the task he had been at, syringe and alcohol swab in uplifted hands, our eyes meet. And laughter ensues.

The good doctor from New York that is answering questions on the THISISMS forum is named Sclafani. I and some other bloggers call him Fini, and some Dr. S, but Zucchini? Only my husband. Classic! So Dr. Zamboni from Italy, a vascular surgeon, cures his wife's MS. And Dr. Sclafani from Brooklyn, a radiologist, is the only known doc from the states taking patients. (I'm on his list by the way!)

So Zamboni + Sclafani = Zucchini! Whether he flubbed or was being witty, we'll never truly know. But it was laughter I'd needed and thru Jason - God gave me what I'd needed most. Now as to whether or not I may be getting involved with some old time mob like activities is still unknown. I love the Godfather movies, Casino, all mob movie off shoots and predecessors so bring it on, sure, I'll do you this favor . . .

So Thursday morning gets here and I realize as I remind Asa there's no school tomorrow, the doc's office will likely be closed too. And St. Mary's Center for Advanced Medicine? I dunno. Maybe I should call them today. Or make up my own mind to wait thru Easter til Monday. Why should I be upset during Easter? It's a time to rejoice no matter our earthly circumstances! So I'm leaning towards waiting. No news is good news as they say.

Funny story: Remember the decapitated Webkinz I spoke of earlier. Well since Gooch's arrival I have warned the boys repeatedly, if you leave it on the floor - it's property of The Gooch. We'd been lucky so far aside from some trash, a few socks and well, finally he got the stuffed green lizard Webkinz he'd been eyeing.

This morning rounding the corner from the steps towards the living room I spotted Dell helplessly sprawled upon the living room floor. He was still attached to his charger; it's cord in a series of elegant yet delicate twists and turns. I panicked. This time my very own voice played in my head, "If it's on the floor, you've give it to Gooch!" Then my inner dialog took over. "NOOOOOOOO!" she screamed, as I dove to rescue Dell.

As I dove in slow motion thru the air I had time to reason, or rather pinpoint who was to blame for this what was to surely be a catastrophe. I had departed for bed early leaving the men folk on their own. It had to have been one of the boys, neh, Jason! When he came to bed last night he told me he had just read my blog. Ah, ha! He unknowingly had told on himself. Admitting to the crime in question. Case closed!

Thankfully, however, there'd be no need for trial, conviction or sentencing. Thank God and Gooch - Dell was unharmed. He hadn't been properly shut down (but what do I know, I'm not a computer guy) or tucked in for the night, but he was OK. Anyway, I thought that was worth telling and telling it would buy me more time not having to make a decision on whether or not to start calling and bugging people about my results.

What's this? Grandma just called. Grandpa has an appt. he needs directions to. And why would I, who never hardly drives anywhere anymore, know where this doc is at? 'Cause he's my neuro?! Huh? So, that answers the is he open on Good Friday question. Apparently so!

Hmmmm. What to do? What to do? Any thoughts? Anyone still reading?

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