Friday, April 23, 2010


Warning: Content of current post may be hazardous to your health due to unusually high levels of PATHETIC!!! Reading current post may result in tears and/or depression. Sometimes, however, laughter will ensue - at which time you should go immediately to your doctor and request a referral (Ha! Like that'll ever happen?!) or a refill 'cause you must be taken some good meds!

So my plan was that I was gonna nap this afternoon while the boys were at school. No such luck. Jason found me in the floor folding mounds of laundry that had been backing up. Mom-in-law, I know you hate this. I know they get wrinkled. Refer to above warning, ok? I know I'm pathetic. Jason washes, drys, and throws 'em on the couch to cool off before I can even think about folding and seperating. I tire. Days pass. Piles grow. The positive here is at least the clean pile is bigger than the dirty pile.

Besides the pesky wrinkles, it is quite a task for me to sift thru this mountain to find the boys acceptable matching clothes each day. It wears me down so, that returning to my couch across the 1st floor becomes a problem. Stumbling and bumping walls as I travel room to room. Then homework must be looked over and signed. Shouldn't be a biggy, but if I've dug for clothes prior to this task holding a pen gets to be a tall order.

Yeh, MS sucks! So do I today. I'm feelin' real sorry for myself right about now. And I shouldn't be. Jason let me sleep in again. So he got the big man dressed and homework checked, leaving only Abey Baby for me to corral. And another bonus - I found Dell had hooked up with a new friend this morning. His name is Skype and he is sooo cool. Why Jason would wanna be able to see me while we talk is beyond me. But, I've told you I love him, right?

We watched "Charlie's Angels" AGAIN this morning. I think Abe is addicted. You should see his eyebrows raise when Drew covers herself with only a floatie and asks those two boys for, "a little help here!" Yep. I think he may like 'Starfish.' And I messed around on Facebook and checked email. A good uneventful start to my Friday. If only I had stayed on the couch.

Off the couch, thru the kitchen and into the room with no name. Complete with chandelier we are sure at one time it was a dining room. Since moving in we have made two completely different rooms our dining room. Long story short, I hope for this far away room to one day become part of our currently not so big kitchen but as of yet nothing has been done with it besides the painting of its once velvety gold and green wallpaper. Most recently we've added a couch and a mountain of clothes.

Remember science class? If you could chop a mountain from its peak to the bottom you would find layers, right? (I did miss a bunch of school.) Well, trying to find Abe something to wear was near to impossible today. Clothes became so scattered I had to sit amongst cascades of layers and begin folding just to make a path out of the chaos for myself. You get what you deserve for putting it off so long. Fine. Whatever.

So homework had to be looked over and signed from the floor in this faraway room with no name. Signing became harder even than usual without a table. Upon Jason's 11:30 arrival, homework still isn't complete and Abel is in nothing but socks and underwear. If he'd have had a floatie, maybe he could have just worn that.

Jason jogs him upstairs to find clothes, takes the Gooch out, and leaves me in the floor. Yes, I sure could have used some help up, but I could tell he was elated I was making progress. My arms felt so heavy I didn't know how I was gonna get up. But I did! Did you know it is possible to fall up and not just down? Well, it is folks! I have done it. If only Skype could have caught my struggles . . . funny I'm sure!

So once bounced around the no name room like a pinball I oh so gracefully make it to the recently uncovered couch. It's brown. I had forgotten. Anyways, too exhausted, and now dazed, to return to my living room couch for a well deserved rest before braving the stairs to Sleepytown I commenced to pairing socks. Simple, right? A no brainer. Not so readers! Just not so. I had a heck of a time.

First I would cognitively struggle with finding proper mates. Then came my hands failing to insert the end of one sock into the other. I've seen stroke patients struggle with this in rehab hospitals before. YES, THIS IS SCARY SHIT!!! Had I had a stroke? Nah, just MS. No worries. What should have been a relaxing, even mind-numbing job of maybe five minutes became a mind-boggling 45 minute stressful ordeal. I admit a couple of tears may have fell in frustration of the whole situation but at least my legs should be rested enough to go directly up to bed from here. Surely, right?

DENIED again! Hobbling to the bathroom (a trip I learn I should've taken on the way to the no name room instead of back from the no name room) I realize even going near the stairs would be hazardous to my health. Ah, ha! That'd be a cool blog post title. And alas my latest post was born. But would I be able to make it back to Dell? And once there, would I be able to type?

Thank You God. Thank You that I made it here to Dell. Thank You that I am able to type. Thank You for my ability to have clear thoughts and be able to communicate them. Thank You for my sight. As down as I get sometimes, I praise You and thank You, Lord for all that You do. Now can I get some help up the stairs? Amen.

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