Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ignorance is bliss . . .

AND IT PISSES ME OFF!!! Ha! Better than being pissed on, I guess. Seriously, though, my bestest friend in the whole wide world suggested the title of this post. Jason, I love you baby! Why is it, I'm the one so sore I can barely function, when you were the one pushing my nearly 200 lbs. around downtown Evansville in a wheelchair? Warning to downtown sightseers: Be afraid. Be very afraid!

Seriously though - bring your hiking boots or all-terrain vehicles. I was wanting my Dad's four-wheeler most of the morning. Dang, it was a rough ride. Jason muscled me chair and all over most of it but some of our path I had to actually leave my chair. What of those unable? Luckily, they must have stayed home. I saw only one other chair and it was one of those fancy powered jobs with the big tires that even curbs can't slow. I don't suffer vehicle envy too often . . .

Anyways, we came, we saw, we conquered. We'd printed a bunch of fliers on CCSVI with the intention of spreading the word - not the dime. We thought if we could successfully reach at least one person it would be worth our time and effort. So we arrive and freeze up. Huh? Oh well! The weather was nice. No harm, no foul. We'd just wait for the walk to start and we'd retreat.

Then a guy's voice boomed atop the growing crowd. "Welcome. Blah blah, blah. No cure, no fix, blah, blah, blah." Well those was fightin' words! Jason grabbed the fliers and off he went thru the masses. Then an old friend and her daughter (the friend part being old - not the friend herself) showed up to take part. THANK YOU, GIRLS!!! They completed the five mile walk in 1 hour and 20 minutes. Wow! And they passed out fliers too. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

And in our 1 mile trek we touched at least two fellow MSers, exchanging e-mails, etc. If indeed spreading the word was the right thing to do. We had done good. And all before lunch! How so un-MS of me. Back to the Vern and Jason, who should have been exhausted by the way, mows the lawn, gets lunch and returns to ask, "Who wants to go campin'?" Huh? I was just beginning to regain feeling in my bum, but sure, why not?

I even drug Gooch along to assure I wouldn't have to spend the night. Sneaky of me, heh? Upon our return home later that night he went straight to his kennel and began snoring. Poor guy! He was one tired pup and though I spent the remainder of the day in a comfy lawnchair or reclined truck seat - I was spent too. Ahhh, the weather was heaven sent though. I really must try and spend more time outside.

What's this? A freeze advisory. We switch from the A/C going full out back to the heater. And guess what? I swelled up so big last night I missed church this morning and it's uncomfortable even typing. Yeah, MS! I soooo want liberated - but, this morning having missed out on God's Word, sitting here swollen and exhausted - perhaps ignorance would be bliss.

At least I'd have my last few weeks back, right? If only, right? No! You know what? I'd rather know there's hope. I'd rather have my ten years back! "Boys, one day you might just get to meet your real momma. She's pretty cool. Awesome, even. She's who your daddy fell in love with way back when. She's soooo excited about meeting you. There's so much stuff she wants to do . . ."

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