Thursday, April 8, 2010

First, the Meat and Potatoes

Where did the good Dr. and I leave off? Thursday night, ahhhh yes, so it's been a week. Poor Dell. Where has the time gone? The late showing of 'Project Runway' and then off to Sleepytown. And up we go, Good Friday morning. Funny how less than a week later I can't remember what I did that day. Funny sure, and aggravating! Excuse me a sec while I call to consult with Dr. Zucchini.

No answer. Oh well. He must be workin' or somethin' - imagine that. Good Friday was to be a day off. That, I do remember. Jason and the boys were off and the weather was gorgeous. He had intended to go fishing. Ahhh, yes. It's coming back to me now. We all got lunch and went out to Aunt Ann's. Then we left the kiddos with Granny and Papa to go Easter shopping. No super cool swing sets tough enough to accomodate our big man or cool enough to accomodate our monkey man - well, none under $5,ooo anyways! Guess we'll be building our own.

So we returned home to work in the yard. Grass seed purchased last week had to go in the ground to work properly. Duh! So sticks needed picked up before airating could commence and though I'd have loved to play pick up sticks it seemed a perfect game for the boys. We went to retrieve them hoping to rope in Ma and Pa Spindler in the mean time. I don't know what we'd ever do without them! We love you guys!

The women stayed in and the men went out. Anyone realize how hard it is to watch people work? Watch others do what you should already have done. You may be thinking, "Wow, wouldn't that be nice. What's she bitchin' about now?" I know, right?

Ever met my folks? I'm a worker. Bred a worker. Born a worker. Raised a worker. I admit I used to fake sleep to get out of unloading the horses after a long days show. And fine, I used to flirt a little during 4-H week at the fair to get the guys to clean my stalls or water my horse. But guess what? Bottom line. My Daddy didn't raise no sissy. If something needed done. It needed done right and right now! And me and Amelia? We could do it. All of it! And my Momma made sure us girls were right out there alongside any boys. We could lug the 5 gallon buckets of water. We could shovel the saw dust. We pulled weeds, mowed, hauled whatever, wherever. Grrrrrrrr. I miss those days.

So I try and do a little. Fold a few clothes and get a trash bag started at least. Pretty minor, right? WRONG! I'll spare you the details but it got up to 76 degrees in the house and I soon required cold wash clothes, ice, and some time on the floor next to the now cranked air conditioner vent. MS SUCKS! It was a loooooong trip upstairs. No blankets that night.

Prayers again were answered as I slept well and felt better Saturday morning. We got the boys from Granny and Papa's and were off to church for the Easter Egg Hunt. Asa didn't really want to be there thinking he's too old for all this, but I knew he'd be jealous of Abel's loot. Anyways, all went well, I think, and we followed the festivities with lunch and egg decorating at my Mom's.
Next up was Granny and Papa's for Easter goodies. Yikes! We still didn't have them anything for Easter so off to E-ville we went again. Oh, how I miss K-Mart.

So we should've stopped at Saturday. Plenty Easter already, right? Fast forward to Sunday. Up before 5 and the Easter Bunny had been here. He'd left an egg in the boys toothbrush holder. In the egg was a clue as to where the next egg was. It said it was cold. They rushed down to find it in the fridge. Then back up to a sock drawer. Then to the basement and back again and so forth and so on til they made it to their final prize of HEX bugs. Whew! They had a blast. Wish I could've gone with them but alas I enjoyed it plenty from the couch.

With time to spare before Sunrise Service we took our time getting ready. At exactly 6:32 we arrived to the parking lot of Point Township Church of the Nazarene. Still early (Pt. Township time) for the 6:30 service. WHOOPS! It had started at 6:00. Have I said, "MS SUCKS!"? Well, it does. I was so embarrassed. And sorry, Jason. Anyways, breakfast was wonderful. All food there always is. Next was combined Morning Worship and I was early for that one! Good thing too 'cause it was packed!

So many had asked how my tests had gone on Saturday and Sunday. Though greatful for their concern I found myself starting to sound as if I was reading my reply from a cue card. "Oh, I'm waiting 'til next week - wanting to focus on the holiday, etc. etc. blah, blah, blah . . ." The whole time I was chomping at the bit. Eager for action. Well I paid for these untruths tenfold. True I was waiting. True I was wanting to focus on the holiday. But, I wasn't successful. These tests - this unknown, next step - they were consuming me.

It was hot at Grandma's. A breeze blew through the windows, but with everyone there I couldn't get my breath. I tried going outside. The sun was too much. It's hard for people to understand, but heat is more than just uncomfortable to me. I'm not just bitching to hear my voice 'cause it actually becomes hard for me to form words in my head let alone actually string them together and put them out there to be heard and deciphered by others. It's also at this heated moment that cursing becomes more prevalent. For this I am sorry! The food, I struggled to enjoy because swallowing was hard. The conversation, I struggled to enjoy because I opted for the listening side of it instead of my usual arguing side of it. Pity!

Then came the hunt. Abe "Monkey Boy" Spindler decides to climb a tree to go after an Easter Egg. An egg in the tippy top of a tree? I know, right? Thanks, Andrew! So he falls and Aunt Becky rescues him. And his worthless, sick Mama tells him to get over it. He'd be o.k.! Finally homeward bound - things had to get better. Right? Pray with me they get better!

Or worse?! Jason checks e-mail as he always does when arriving home - only to discover I'm not on Sclafini's list after all. Holly never got my application info. Crap! Jason calmy re-sends it and asks for confirmation of its arrival. Fine. Dandy. What's up with Holly working late Easter night? Hmmmm, a MStery to be solved later. I retire early. Nothing new here. Supper, some Tylenol and an Ace bandage later the guys joined me in Sleepytown.

Horrible night of hallucinations. I won't freak you out with details here, but I will say they are not fun and I can't believe people out there purposely take drugs to make these happen. Frightening, really! (pause for clarity) Now back to the routine. Monday morning. School. Did anyone have homework?

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