Thursday, April 8, 2010

America's Next Top Model is . . .

Not me!!! Watching America's Next Top Model last night I decided to continue my blog. I'm sure while shaking your fists furiously in the air and screaming, "Curse you Tyra Banks!" you're probably also wondering - what's the connection?

Well, I'm glad you asked. My fave models were in the bottom two. The so-called plus size girl (a fave for obvious reasons, though I'm still probably twice her size) and the mortician, embalmer girl (a fave 'cause, well, though morbid I realize, I've always found myself fascinated with the unknown, let's call it). Still reading?

So the mortician girl bites it (pun intended!) and during her exit interview she admits she has fallen for this new life. Although she didn't win the Top Model title she had a brief taste of it and at this time has no intention of returning to the morgue. So am I becoming a model? A bit of Angela trivia - I did go to modeling school. I even graduated! So there, suckas!

I am equating my life before hearing about the cure to her's as a happy, stunningly gorgeous mortician. So she goes in this modeling competition tasting a new life. I go on a magical carpet ride of research, tasting a new life of my own - free of MS! She gets cut from the show and I hit a wall. (next post to be titled, 'The Wall, the Break, and the Fall")

Loving her new life she decided right away to pursue it however she could. You don't have to win the show to become a successful model. Fine. Great. You go, Girl! As for me, I hadn't actually got to experience 4+ weeks of the luxurious model life. Ha! But seriously, I hadn't got to feel for myself even an hour of MS free life. Oh, what I'd give for even a minute sometimes!

It's hard to remember what I'd felt like before. All I have are fuzzy memories and the occassional success story of another to go on. Exhausted from even researching, it took me awhile to come around. But I'm around now. And I'm praying for strength and energy to stay on this treacherous road to my new life. I'm coming back, I tell ya. All the way to Poland if I have to . . .

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