Monday, April 26, 2010

Gettin' It Straight

Sunday we woke up in plenty of time to make it to Sunday School. First order of business though was taking out the Gooch. Greatfully, the venture was uneventful yet productive - if you know what I mean. Go Gooch!

Wii time commenced and moments of Spindler Syndrome set in. We still had time to make it to church, but FORGIVE ME LORD, I chickened out. I feared the drive. I feared falling without Jason there. I feared being too weak to make it from church back to the truck. I didn't even get so far as to fear the drive back home.

Enough with the excuses, already! Fresh new energetic members missing their first service, geesh! What a bunch of hypocrit losers. I know, right?! I would have had plenty of help once there and even more should I have needed it after. But alas I stayed home. 10 years of this disease now and I still fight against even needing help - let alone asking for it. I know, I know. Get over myself. I'm trying.

Another breakfast of poptarts and cereal bars was followed up with wrestling on the Wii and a lunch of overstuffed ravioli. Then we got real adventurous and, guess what? Played more Wii. Yes, we are junkies. What can you do? I prayed it wouldn't storm. And more importantly, that our electricity would stay on. Cause I discovered the hard way - we ain't got no workin' flashlights. Surely the light from the laptop would allow for safe passage downstairs. A better prayer - Lord, please keep us safe!

Then during an afternoon trip outside with Gooch I had the boys accompany me to help in moving various junk away from the house so on future nighttime potty trips I could simply follow the wall around to the side of the house. Waah-lah! Problem solved. Crisis averted.

Supper of soup and bologna, more gamin' and an early bedtime 'cause it's a school night. And prolly more 'cause "Desperate Housewives" is new and there's a killer on the loose. So who's gonna bite it next? More specifically, who wants off the show now? I just hate when my shows stop over the summer. What else is a girl confined to air-conditioning to do?

So God woke me Monday morning. I had set the alarm for 5 to give us plenty of time to get ready without assistance from Daddy. I had even scheduled two much needed hair cuts and subsequents showers with extra Wii time to spare. At 5 I yelled in at the boys. 5:05, 5:10 and again at 5:15. Long story short, I woke again at 6:27 with no alarm other than the voice inside my head screaming, "Get up dork, Asa's gonna miss school!"

Yikes! Sure, it could've been a better morning, but Asa made the bus so that's a good start in my book. I'll take that. Thank You Lord for waking me up. And thank You for another beautiful day. Thank You for all You have done. All You are doing. And all You will do. Amen.

So what now? To recap (and help me keep things straight):
1. I'm now officially on Euromed's Poland list for 2011. Actual date soon to be determined.
2. I'm on Dr. Scalafani's waiting list for treatment in New York which is rumored to resume procedures in June. Trouble here is I don't know how far down the list I am.
3. Georgetown is calling their step forward just 'screening' however per a Georgetown doc's interview all blockages will be treated. I am awaiting my neuro's signature and a proper diagnosis code to be scheduled.
4. Lankenau Hospital in Philly, I've still not heard back from but they ARE treating patients. I've become friends on Facebook with one liberated there and enjoy almost daily posts of her new life and of others post Liberation.
5. I have been in contact with Devin of the Hubbard Foundation in San Diego and got pricing for testing in his dad's fancy new MRf. Trouble with this scenario though is they can't assure my getting in for treatment with a willing doc for angioplasty yet. This hopefully, may change.
6. Both my neuro and GP have referred me to a local neurosurgeon. A bit drastic sounding, (I realize this!) yes, but maybe, just maybe he'll be the guy to give me my life back -- or at least be willing to try. Let us pray . . .

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