Monday, April 12, 2010

Ahhh yes, the .357!

I'm seeing my GP tomorrow. He's seen me mad. He doesn't like me when I'm mad! So my Mom is going with me. She called me this morning to tell me she had called the office to make appointments for both of us. I thank her and say I gotta get off the phone to figure out what I need to arm myself with tomorrow. [Silence.]

So I can only imagine what first swam through her mind. The automatic .22 would be fine at close range. No? Then the 9mm perhaps - a more impressive looking gun for sure. But the .357, mmmmmm, ahhhhhhhh yes! The .357 would make a real impression - a lasting one - one even a cleaning crew couldn't mask. A .357 would call for a construction crew.

I allow a few seconds of this cold silence for all worthy considerations to be pondered and then I snap back to reality. Sandra Bullock's character in 'The Blindside' threatened she was a Republican and an ever-packing member of the NRA. He! He! Me too! But this blog is about my right to angioplasty - not my right to bear arms - I'll save that for a later post. Jeff, you still got that picture? I'm in the mood to make that my profile pic and retire the one of Gooch.

OK, where was I? Oh yeh. I gave Mom a sec to think things over and then I explained I wanted to go in there tomorrow with just enough of the right research to intrigue and not scare him off of helping me. Any one who knows my doc (rhymes with Bee, but starts with L) you know I only have one minute at best to present my case.

To all my nurse friends, or fellow sickies out there, or anybody still reading . . . what should I throw at him? Besides tomatoes, cause I haven't even give him a chance to help yet. My ultimate goal is to get a referral to an Interventional Radiologist. MSers are advising to try going local before boarding the plane for overseas.

Prepayment of services (starting at $10,000) are required most places. Then there is traveling and lodging expenses. Language barriers. And some places have up to 2 year waiting lists. Not to mention some foreign countries frown on people packing! Ha! I made a funny!

Anyways, while I wait on lists - no harm in giving local guys a legitimate try - if nothing else it'll help pass time and spread the word. So please people, holla at me! What should I show him? A video? A power point? A flyer of facts? My gun?

Seriously though, while I got ya, I gotta say just a bit about spreading the word. Jason spent a good chunk of his evening late last week writing to each of our local media. He also forwarded them a link to Canada's big newscast on CCSVI and Liberation. Guess what?

We've heard nothing back from no one. Nada! Zilch! This is a horrific travesty. What of the MSers that aren't on Facebook? The internet? This my friends, sickens me!!! On the 14th of this month the National MS Society is said to be holding a live web conference on their thoughts on this whole thing. Fine, great.

If the U.S. media (ours especially) doesn't come out about this soon thereafter - I'm thinking protest maybe. We'll go braless, make signs, the whole nine yards. Maybe they'll cover that . . .
Peace out!

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  1. My advice is to tell him you aren't leaving the room until he stops and listens! It may or may not work, but I would have the 357 to fall back on!!! Changing the subject, my family will be heading to Eville bright & early on Saturday to walk 5 miles (gasp!!!) in your honor. If I followed directions the Gilpin family should be signed up under your team...