Thursday, March 25, 2010

Skittles and Cancer (aka Pt. 6)

Further, I can't help but wonder if there isn't a cure for cancer out there somewhere too.  Just sitting there.  Like Skittles?!  My dad was not a fan of candy in general, but to find out Skittles could have cured him?  C'mon!  There's a simple procedure, a same day procedure even, that is fixing people.  Why aren't people lining up to get it?  And to give it?
O.K. so riddle me this . . . if the neuro's are anti-fix why aren't the radiology and vascular guys jumping aboard?  They stand to make a lot of dough here.  And the drug companies raping us of thousands a month for meds that may not even be working?  Well, I guess I do understand them being against it but insurance companies should rejoice with a new cheap fix.  They'd save bazillions in the long run. 
Common sense people!  But I'm preaching to the choir, right?  Wrong.  You can help.  Please help.  Next time you're at the doc's for a cold or even the podiatrist for ingrown toenails - whatever - ask 'em about CCSVI.  Ask them if they'd be willing to take a harmless Skittle to cure cancer.  If it worked on others it might work on them too.  What about prescribing a Skittle?  C'mon, its harmless and I've seen it work.
Ridiculous?  Is it really?  Not so.  If its been proven, its proven.  It may not work on a few, not on me even, but better that I tried.  Better that I fought for it.  I just don't see the harm.  Make a list as my mom taught me to do.  Two columns.  One good.  One bad.  Let me tell you my bad column as of yet remains empty.
Shout this from the rooftops.  Tell everyone you know.  This has to fall on the right ears sometime.  Soon, hopefully, 'cause my MS is progressing in case you hadn't noticed.  I haven't fought too hard these ten years - content to swish around the bowl - accepting my inevitable decline. 
I was fearful any abrupt fighting movements against what was to be may hasten my reaching the drain.  I am greatful the decline hasn't been faster, or worse yet devestatingly immediate.  However, it's still coming at me.  Like a bug down the toilet, I'm scurrying harder there towards the, ummm, let's call it the darkness. 
Forward this won't you?  To your entire mailing list.  Call it junk and apologize for it later.  Somebody out there that hasn't yet heard - they're gonna step up and make all this go away.  And now I close my eyes and click my heals together . . . 

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