Monday, March 29, 2010

One ringy dingy . . . (aka Pt. 10)

Will they call or won't they? Will I break down and call them? Shortly after 8 this morning the phone rings. As I make my way from the couch to the wall phone in the kitchen possibilities of who it might be on the other line begin racing.

This early it can't be family unless there's something wrong. Maybe Asa had forgotten something he needed at school, I'd thought. No. Probably some poor telemarketer that was gonna suffer my wrath having rushed for the phone as I had. Come on, come on, be the neuro! I pick up the phone, no caller ID, so still no clue, and I say, "Hello?"

IT'S NOT THE NEURO! Even better though, it's St. Mary's pre-admitting. Is this Angela Spindler? Well, yeh, as a matter of fact it is. The sweet voice from across the line explained, "Well I was hoping you had some time to answer some questions for me so we can get you pre-registered for your test tomorrow." She continued, "Then I'll try and answer any questions you may have about it." WHAT?????

I said, "Sure, no problem, but first can you tell me what test it is and when?" She seemed a bit taken back but after confirming information on me and learning I'd not yet heard from my neuro's office she obliged. Yeah! I'm getting a test. Step one. Check! So back to my couch wrestling feelings of joy, disbelief, relief, and eventually worry.

Back to the phone to call Jason. Catching him up he, excitedly says he'll take the afternoon off and that even if its not the so-called right test we'll go there with all the right questions. This is a step, be it sideways or forward, at least I'm going somewhere towards getting better. This just being content with debillitation is for the birds. I'm happier putting up a fight. Well, of course I am! Don't know why I didn't realize it sooner.

Then another call about 1, I reason this has to be family just checking in cause no way no how it would be the neuro during lunch hour. Would it be mom or sis? Maybe Grandma about my purse? Hopefully everything's o.k. at school. Who then? "Hello?"

It was St. Mary's again. "Hi, this is Sue from St. Mary's." Also very nice. She went over test prep, asked me to bring meds and made sure I knew where they were located. Then she had me hold for Tracy in insurance. Here we go I'd thought. The price tag. I prayed they'd at least turn me down politely and follow with prices and payment options - also, politely. And polite she was. "Looks like its all gonna be covered," she said. PRAISE GOD!

It's now approaching 2:30. Soon the boys'll be home with stories of their first day back. They'll want a snack. Maybe the weather'll let 'em get some trampoline time. Still though, I wonder if the neuro's office will call me? Maybe they just assume the hospital calls for certification so why should they have to too?

Hmmmm? You know what? Who cares? I've got a test tomorrow! Annie sings, "Tooooooo morrow, tomorrow. I love ya, tomorrow. You're only a daaaaaaay. Aahhhhhh. Waaaaaaaaay."


  1. Glad to see that optimism shining through! We're all rooting for you!

  2. This is Chris and Kristina by the way. :)

  3. Looks like today is the big day then??? I will say some extra prayers before I hit the sack this morning! Hope the day is a never ceases to amaze me what He can do when we just let Him have it all :)